KOPIASTE   –   Κοπιάστε!!!  –  WELCOME  

Please join us for a fellowship dinner on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 at 5 pm at George’s Greek Cafe in Lakewood. We are planning this gathering to commemorate, reflect and condemn the 43 years of the Turkish invasion and continuing occupation of our homeland since 1974. 
Congresswoman Judy Chu with her husband Mike Eng and Andreas Kyprianides, Honorary Consul General of Cyprus will be addressing our group on this special anniversary that comes days after the collapse of the UN’s initiative to reunite our island.  
Space permitting, everyone is welcome and you are encouraged to bring your friends, provided that you rsvp by replying to this email. The cover charge is $40 per guest and includes a traditional Greek salad, oven roasted potatoes, fresh sauteed vegetables, tzantziki, pita bread, 2 lamb chops, chicken kebab, grilled salmon, baklava and a soft drink. Other food and bar items can be purchased separately by each table served. Please email to johnvassil@yahoo.com to rsvp your attendance.
George’s Greek Cafe in Lakewood is located at:

5252 Faculty Avenue, Lakeowwod, CA 90712 (or see link below) 

Dinner | Georges Greek Cafe

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