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Greek Orthodox Churches of Southern California:

28100489Saint John’s Church in Anaheim 
Saint Nicholas Church in Northridge

Saint Katherine Church in Redondo Beach
Saint Sophias Church in Los Angeles

Orthodox Mission of Orange County in San Juan Capistrano

Saint Antony’s Monastery 

Saint Nicholas Ranch and Retreat 
St. George Church in Downey
St. Anthony Church in Pasadena

Greek Churches

Saint Nectarios Church and Shrine in Covina

St. Paul Church in Irvine

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Long Beach
assumption churchassumption church 2


Greek Organizations of Southern California:

Greek Heritage Society of Southern California

American Hellenic Council of Southern California

Important Video-clips on 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus:

Internet Sites with News on Cyprus Everything about Cyprus:

Kypros Net

Hellenic Resources Network

Cypriot Cooking Recipes:

Live Greek Music on the Internet:

Search most popular Stations and enter Greece at:

Cypriot Proverbs:

“Ab’ apia bolla balluja, mbenni je ganenan ston golon du.” (Translation – He who jumps over many posts gets one up his arse.) 

“Abo ’grusen, fisa je ba’ sto yaurtin.” (Translation – He who’s been burnt blows even on yogurt.)

“Abo ’n andrebede, o gosmos ullos en dhigos du.” (Translation – He who has no shame owns the whole world.)

Read more Cypriots proverbs here:

Mount Athos CBS 60 MINUTES TV documentary:

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