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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is UCSC? – United Cypriots of Southern California (UCSC) is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization registered in the State of California under section 501(c) (4) of Internal Revenue Code. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes and not organizes for private gain of any person. It is an independent and self sustained by its membership organization, and is neither affiliated with, nor controlled by any other organization, institution or individual.

What is the purpose and what are the objectives of UCSC? – This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for Social Welfare purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code to operate as a nonprofit organization. The objectives of UCSC are: a) To preserve the proud heritage and history of Cyprus and its people, b) To encourage close social and cultural relations among all Cypriots, c) To encourage and safeguard the Democratic concept of freedom of speech, religion and thought as well as our Democratic form of government, d) To further the cultivation of love for the United States of America, and respect for its constitution, e) To support the cultural and philanthropic institutions of the United States of America and the Republic of Cyprus, and to render financial aid to Cypriots orphans and refugees, and f) To support through all legal means the efforts of our fellow Cypriots in their long and arduous quest to attain their Democratic objectives.

How is UCSC governed and structured? – A 15-person Board of Directors (Board), elected every two years by the membership, governs UCSC and makes all corporate policy decisions. The Board consists of 5 executive committee (or corporate) officers who are appointed by the 15-person Board and have a mandate to serve at the pleasure of the Board. Each Board member is a volunteer and serves without compensation. UCSC does not get involve with activities that are incompatible with its chartered bylaws.

What is the size of the UCSC membership? – The UCSC annual membership ranges from year to year pending how many households chose to pay their annual dues in a timely manner. It is estimated that nearly 200 households have been involved in the past in various call ups for fund raising events, social activities, picnics, dinner-dance events, and lectures and presentations about Cyprus, its history, people and culture.

How is the Executive Committee governed? – An Executive Committee (EC) consisting of 5 Directors appointed by the Board include the President, 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary. The President is normally appointed by the Board to also act as a chairman in all regular meetings of the Board.

What are some of the accomplishments of UCSC? – First and foremost, it provided an effective organizational structure for Southern California’s Hellenes of Greek Cypriot descent to meet and confer in the spirit of fellowship and charity. Their common ancestry and desire to build a greater social bond and development, let to the establishment of an organization that takes its pride by simply giving to those in need. Since 1991 when the UCSC was formed and with the help of its strong membership, the organization has rendered considerable amounts in financial assistance for good causes and charities. To name a few, the Cyprus Children’s Fund, the Elpida Cancer Foundation, the Greek Orthodox Diocese of San Francisco, and the VryonisCenter for Hellenic Studies, are just some of our grand beneficiaries. An example of this charitable work also, is the names of Children like Chystalla and Andri Panteli, Ioannis Prodromou, and Andreas Panayiotou from occupied Rizokarpaso in North Cyprus, and the young girl Litsa Xilikakis from OrangeCounty whose family received a direct financial assistance to help offset her medical treatment expenses. The organization is a proud believer and supporter of good will causes and charitable work and has an impeccable record of accomplishing that.

What is a Director and what does a Director do? – A Director, as defined in the Corporation bylaws, “…shall work toward achieving the objectives of the Board for the benefit of all its members.” Although the bylaws definition is somewhat vague and general, a Director can best be described as a “representative at large.” Directors serve on various committees, they organize events, take sign-ups, bring concerns to the attention of the Board’s leadership, distribute information to the membership at large, and other duties as required. The Director’s position serves as the introductory step into UCSC’s organizational leadership structure, and upon completion of a full term, a Director may seek reelection or run for higher office.

How does one become an Officer or Director and what is the term of office? – Any UCSC member in good standing can become an Officer or Director by running for office in elections held every other year. A two-year term of office begins at the annual Section Installation meeting in late summer. The Executive Committee may also appoint a Director mid-term upon presentation of a nominating petition by the candidate and by majority vote through the Board. Contact the current President or other executive committee officer if you wish to get involved.

Are Officers and Directors required to attend meetings? – Yes, all Officers and Directors are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings typically held at one of the Director’s residence preferably near Los Angeles. Officers or Directors working in outlying areas that cannot attend all meetings are expected to maintain regular contact with the Executive Committee and the other Directors. Officers and Directors may occasionally be invited to attend other community events as representatives of UCSC. Participation in these events is intended to help built a mutual bond, understanding and the spirit of good fellowship among all Hellenic organizations in the area.

What does the UCSC do for its members? – Keeping the membership informed and resolving concerns are high priorities. Upon authorization, Officers and Directors organize meetings, social gatherings, picnics and fund raising events, where invited UCSC members and affiliates can meet in an atmosphere of good will and charity. This has proven to be an effective means of allowing members to communicate their questions, concerns and needs face to face with UCSC leaders and affiliates.

Do Executive Committee Officers or Directors receive any compensation? – No. Officers and directors are volunteers and do not receive any monetary compensation. However, UCSC representatives are reimbursed for approved business expenditures incurred while performing their official UCSC duties.

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